NISM-Moody's Certificate in Derivatives Market Strategies (CDMS)

Unlock the complex world of derivatives

Derivatives continue to be one of the fastest growing financial instrument categories. NISM-Moody's Certificate in Derivative Market Strategies (CDMS) is an internationally recognized certification that validates the knowledge and skills required to enter into and progress in a variety of roles that employ derivatives.

With the NISM-Moody’s CDMS in hand, individuals will be recognized for their specialized knowledge and qualifications in the advanced concepts of both exchange- traded and over-the-counter (OTC) derivative investments and their applications.

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Moody’s Analytics helps capital markets professional respond to an evolving marketplace with confidence. Its Training and Certification division has been helping people build their skills in finance for more than 40 years. Moody’s Analytics offer comprehensive training programs, industry recognized certificates and designations for numerous financial institutions across the globe.



NISM is a leading provider of high end professional education, certifications, training and research in Indian Financial Markets. NISM engages in capacity building among stakeholders in the securities markets through professional education, financial literacy, enhancing governance standards and fostering policy research.