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Informal estimates indicate that the financial markets/Banks would require about 5,000 professionals every year. The required skill-sets could be grouped as Fund Management, Analysis and Dealing, Structuring and Financial Product Management, Operations and Services in the Field of Treasury, Information Technology for high end Algorithmic Research, Consulting and Analytics, Alternate Investment and Wealth Management.

PGDQF is a one-year full time Post-Graduate Diploma aimed at creating the next      generation Quant, Financial Engineers and Risk management specialist. For students interested in banks, broker dealers, hedge funds, pension funds, asset managers, technology firms, regulators, accounting, consulting and law firms, and universities across the globe. PGDQF is an extremely unique opportunity to obtain first-hand knowledge, both theoretical and practical, from an institute established by SEBI, the market regulator and prestigious Department of Economics (University of Mumbai).

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Most of the financial professionals know the risk
But only few can understand and
QUANTify it.


Where PGDQF can lead to?

Risk Managment
Equity and debt research analyst
Derivatives analyst
Business analyst
Algorithmic trading
Data analytics
Treasury management
Portfolio Management
Financial modelling
& more

Programme Highlights

  • One-year fast track programme
  • Academic Council and Faculty Team being top-rated academicians
  • Globally benchmarked curriculum that is updated regularly
  • Policy-research based inputs from top-class academicians
  • Proximity to experts from top organizations in Mumbai, the financial capital of India
  • Inputs on market regulation from the officers of SEBI
  • Multiple pedagogy workshops, simulations, cases, book-film reviews, live projects, conferences, etc.


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