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The faculty team represents a fine blend of academic excellence and enriched experience from industry. Each of the faculty members has academic accomplishments and a wide and deep repertoire of experience. The team members are active across all spheres of academic activity: education, research and training, each of which have a strong rub-off on the other. Regular interactions with peers from academia and industry from Mumbai-the Financial Capital and other national and international organizations and persons of eminence bring the cutting-edge experience into the classroom and related activities.

Academic Council of NISM

Core Faculty

Visiting Faculty

· Mr. B Renganathan, Edelweiss

· Mr. Sameer Chinchanikar, KBC Union AMC

· Mr. CD Shreedharan, Ex-AGM – RBI, IIM-K

· Ms. Jayna Gandhi, NSE

· Mr. Suneel Saraswat, TIFR

· Dr. Jeet Shah, Tax Planner and Advisor

· Ms. Kavitha Laghate, JBIMS

· Mr. Mrinal Passi, Phillip Capital – India

· Mr. Kaustubh Belapurkar, Morningstar India

· Mr. Dhaval Kapadia, Morningstar India

· Ms. Anupama Iyer, HR Consultant & Trainer

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Apart from the above mentioned visiting faculty members, NISM also invites industry participants from SEBI, RBI, NSE, BSE, Credit Rating Agencies and other market intermediaries on an on-going basis to share industry insights and their experiences with the participants.


NISM Events

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