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The Training Programme on ‘Commodities Market – An Overview’ was held during August 27- 28, and September 01-02, 2015 at NISM Premises, Vashi, Navi Mumbai for SEBI Officers.

The broad objective of the programme is to ensure that the participants get adequate knowledge and exposure in understanding the nuances of the operation of the Commodities Market in India.

The topics covered, among others, are Commodities Market in India: Origin & Evolution,Mechanics of Commodity Futures Contracts, Discovery of Settlement Prices for Commodity Futures,Functioning and Regulation of Commodity Exchanges, Commodities Market in India – Regulators’ Perspective, Risk Management Mechanism – Clearing & Settlement, Monitoring and Surveillance of intermediaries in Commodities Market, Warehouse Receipts – Accredited Warehouses, Warehouse Service Providers, Warehouse Receipt Financing, Its Regulatory Framework, Case Studies, etc.

The Speakers were the persons of eminence including Senior Professionals having experience of handling key positions in Commodities Market, independent professionals, consultants, etc.

The programme got inaugurated in the hands of Shri Sandip Ghose, Director, NISM. 

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