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The Training Programme on ‘New Pooled Investment Vehicles- AIFs, REITs & InvITs’ was held during September 29-30, 2015 at NISM Premises, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

The broad objectives of the programme was to provide participants with a better and deeper understanding of the various aspects of the operation of the AIFs, REITs & InvITs markets in India and the basic understanding of the regulations.

The topics/ areas covered in the programme were structure, functioning and regulations of AIFs in India and as well as in other developed countries. Importance of having REITs and InvITs for economic development with global overview, Structure of REITs & InvITs in India and salient features of REITs and InvITs Regulations, Structure and functioning of REITs in other major jurisdictions, Taxation aspects of AIFs, REITs & InvITs and Road ahead – Issues, Challenges and Opportunities.

The Speakers for the programme were the persons of eminence including Senior Professionals having experience of handling key positions in regulatory bodies, market intermediaries, NISM faculty, independent financial analyst, etc.

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