The course will be conducted by well-qualified and experienced faculty and the students will be passing through a rigorous process of classroom teaching, assignments, case studies and evaluation.



The library is well equipped with large number of textbook, reference books, periodicals, journals and e- database. The number of books in the library at present is about 16525. The library consists of reading hall, digital library, reference section and open access periodicals. The library is automated with Software to ease its clientele at various levels in the library.

LE 21.3.2017

Computer Lab
IMERT has a well-equipped computer lab with the latest software, hardware and 24 hr. broadband and Wi-Fi connectivity.

LE 1 21.3.2017

The State-of-the-art, well furnished and equipped, auditorium having seating capacity of 120 persons providing the right ambience and platform for students to hold seminars, workshops and conferences.

LE 2 21.3.2017

NISM Events

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