NISM draws upon the cream of academia and industry for providing cutting-edge inputs in the Securities markets domain.
A wide range of pedagogical approaches is deployed. The learning environment is further stimulated by use of technology such as Databases (Bloomberg, Prowess), Application Software (Matlab, SAS, R) and Simulated Trading with streaming data. Students are provided with internationally benchmarked textbooks. Additionally, the library is exclusively dedicated towards finance, securities markets and related areas with an up-to-date collection of books and scientific journals. Book reviews, films related to Wall Street and experiential learning through interactions with industry experts complement the learning process.

Student Performance and Evaluation Criteria

PGDDS is a rigorous programme pegged at the level of post graduation, leading to the award of PGDDS. The programme is specially designed to raise the professional standards of students. The PGDDS will be awarded on the basis of the student's performance in the following components:
•Pre-class reading and preparation
•Class participation
•Term papers/projects/assignments
•Mid-term and end-term examinations
•Any other component of evaluation that the Institute may prescribe from time to time

A student is expected to obtain the minimum passing grade of 50% in each of the courses listed above.


NISM Bhavan is an imposing structure, consisting of six floors. The Institute has high quality infrastructure consisting of classrooms, library, canteen and lounges located on various floors of the building. The hostel, NISM Niwas, also a 6-storey building, is located about 2 Km from the Institute.

Systems Support

The Institute has access to a well-equipped LAN & WiFi based network system. Classrooms, Auditorium and Conference Room are adequately networked and have access to server-based packages. Students will have access to advanced as well as regular applications, software packages on mathematical, technical and capital markets, and industry and company databases. These include Bloomberg, Prowess, Alpha, and numerical technical packages such as SAS, SPSS, Matlab, WinRATS, E-Views, etc.


Students of PGDDS will have access to a library which holds a collection that is highly specialized in the area of securities markets. Thus library is unique owing to the fact that each book is hand-picked by faculty members and experts. The library presently holds more than 7,600 books and researchers all over the country have benefited from it. NISM constantly endeavours to enhance its collection of books, journals and even films pertaining to the security markets. Through Science-Direct, the library provides access to all the leading academic journals in Finance, Economics, Business and Management. In addition to the above, the library subscribes to periodicals relevant to the securities markets. PGDDS students would be provided library cards, enabling them to take 2 books at a time, for a duration of one week. As regards prescribed text books, each student would be provided a personal copy as part of the study kit.

Industry Interaction

NISM invites number of practitioners from industry for interaction with the students of PGDDS to provide their insights and share their experiences. This platform provides an opportunity for students to have a practical exposure for securities industry operations and nuances. Under the Leadership Series, senior executives from top organizations and SEBI share their experiences.


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