Global Exposure Programme (GEP)

25 June - 3 August 2018 | NISM Campus, Patalganga




Every year NISM allows selective foreign interns from World’s top most Universities to do research projects in related areas of financial markets. This continuous programme is called as Global Exposure Programme (GEP) of NISM. The GEP 2018 of NISM was held during 25th June to 3rd August 2018 at NISM campus, Patalganga. In total ten Interns from the Newcastle University, University of Groningen and University of Edinburgh have actively participated in this programme. The programme was inaugurated by Dr. M. Thenmozhi Director, Shri. G. P. Garg, Registrar and Dr. Latha Chari, Dean SSIR.


All the interns have spent one week of class room teachings on Indian financial system, an over view of Indian Economy, Corporate Governance, Financial Literacy, Derivatives markets and its pricing, an overview of Fixed income markets, introduction to commodity derivatives markets,equity valuation, research methodology, process of preparation of project reports, the art of writing a good research paper, trading in simulation Lab etc. The rest of the weeks they spent for selection of topics, review of literature, data collection, data analysis and preparation of project reports. All interns have visited Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and has attended 5th State Bank of India (SBI) Banking and Economics conclave at The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Mumbai.


On the last day each one of them has given presentation of their respective project reports in front of the Registrar and all Faculty members of NISM. The interns have prepared project reports in the areas of macro prudential regulation, financial literacy, interest rate futures, mutual funds, event study, equity valuation, bankruptcy and insolvency, algo trading and demonetisation. Finally, the valedictory remarks and certificate distribution has been done by Registrar and Director.


The programme was co-ordinated by Prof. Latha Chari (Dean, SSIR),Mr. Pradiptarathi Panda (Lecturer), Mr. Merajuddin Inamdar(Lecturer),and Mr. Sandeep Biswal (Senior Manager) NISM.


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