Industry - Interaction Session

NISM Campus, Patalganga | September 21, 2018


8th Industry Interaction Session


Mr. Harun Rashid Khan, popularly known as H R Khan, former Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India and the Chairman of the Board of Bandhan Bank Ltd. addressed the NISM students at NISM Campus, Patalganga on September 21, 2018.


Dr. M. Thenmozhi, Director, NISM welcomed the guest Mr. Khan. She has shared her thoughts and road map of NISM in the areas of academic research. She also announced that NISM will bring some new short term and long term programmes like PGDSL, Certificate in Treasury management etc. as per the need of the markets. She has also discussed about various research projects NISM has been working on.


Mr. Khan spoke in detail about ingredients of a great academic institution. He emphasized the role of good learning environment, learned faculties, good educational infrastructure like library, lecture hall, lab etc. He also stressed the role of leadership in making the great institution. According to him, NISM has a potential to develop as a great academic institute. span>


Mr. Khan has also analyzed in detail about the problem, prospects and challenges of corporate bond market in India. According to him, high fiscal deficit is one of the constraint for the development of corporate bond market in India. He highlighted the need for local developed bond market for robust financial market in India.


Post Global Financial crisis (GFC), the need to reduce the dominance of the banking system in financing corporate sector by developing a good and vibrant corporate bond market. He also discussed why corporate debt market in India at present is mainly dominated by the private placements.


He has discussed in detail 7-Is framework for development of corporate bond market in India. These 7Is are Issuer, Investor, Intermediaries, Infrastructure, Incentives, Instruments, and Innovation. He suggested reforms in each of the above areas. The session was followed by Q&A sessions. The students and faculties immensely benefited from his session full of insight and wisdom.


The programme ended with vote of thanks by Mr. Jitendra Kumar, faculty member, NISM



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