Workshop on 'Financial Planning and Wealth Management' was held during January 29-30, 2016 at Hotel Re-Gen-Ta, Ahmedabad.The workshop was attended by Distributors and Individual Financial Advisors (IFAs). 

The key objective of the workshop was to convey participants about the various aspects to be considered carefully in the process of Financial Planning and Wealth Management. 

The workshop also aimed at apprising the participants with the need of Financial Planning, Financial Markets and Products, Risk& Reward, Insurance products, Asset allocation, Wealth Management, Regulatory Perspective,Role of Technology in Distribution of Financial Products, Overview of Indian Debt Market, etc. The participants were also exposed to hands on calculations on planning for short and long term financial goal.

The Methodology adopted in the workshop included: Interactive Power Point Presentation,Case Studies, Audio and Video Aids and Experience Sharing.

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