Programme on Derivatives – Equity & Derivatives




Mr. Sandip Ghose, Director, NISM; Prof. Sankarshan Basu, Master Trainer of the programme; Mr. G. P. Garg, Registrar, NISM  and Mr. Jitendra Kumar, Programme Director with the participants for the programme. 



NISM had conducted a 2-day Programme on Derivatives – Equity & Commodities during September 07-08, 2016 at NISM Bhavan, Vashi, Navi Mumbai. 


The key objective of the programme was to provide a better and deeper understanding of the various aspects of equity and commodities derivatives in India. The programme also aimed to discuss and understand valuation of derivatives.

The Master Trainer of the programme was Dr. Sankarshan Basu, a faculty at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore in the Finance and Control area. Prof. Sankarshan has received his B.Sc. degree from Presidency College, Calcutta, M.Sc. degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, and has obtained his Ph.D. in Statistics from the London School of Economics and Political Science.


The programme was inaugurated by Mr. Sandip Ghose, Director, NISM. Mr. Ghose in his inaugural speech has discussed in detail about the importance of Derivatives in risk mitigation & financial innovation.  

The topics/area covered in the programme were - Introduction to Derivatives, Basic Option Trading Strategies, Put-Call Parity, Option Valuation, Introduction to Swaps and usage of swaps,Swap Valuation, Exotic Options Contracts, Commodity Derivatives – Issues and Valuation, etc.

 The participants were given Certificate of Participation by Mr. G. P. Garg, Registrar, NISM and Prof. Sankarshan Basu at the end of the programme. 


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