Key Themes for Paper Submission:

  1. Market Microstructure – Covering Equity, Debt, Derivative Markets
  2.  SME Sector – Fund Raising, IPO and Exchange Platforms
  3.  Risk Measurement and Management across Financial Markets
  4.  Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management Services and Alternate Investment Funds
  5. Other Capital Market and Corporate Finance related studies

1. Market Microstructure

  1. Asset classes – Equity, Debt and Derivatives Markets
  2. Market Architecture - Liquidity, Volatility and Market efficiency, Volatility Spill-overs, Algo and High Frequency Trading, Bid-Ask Spread and Impact Cost, Transaction cost and its impact on Capital Markets, Clearing and Settlement System
  3. Regulatory Developments in Capital Markets - Offer for Sales (OFSs), Initial Public Offers(IPOs) and Follow on Public Offers (FPOs), Private Placements/Private Equity
  4. Corporate Finance - Impact of Corporate Actions and Macroeconomic events on Stock Market
  5. Corporate Bond Markets- Delivery, efficiency and Trading, Innovative Debt Instruments
  6. Currency Markets - Development of Offshore and Onshore Currency Markets, Currency Derivatives, Hedging in Currency Markets, Exchange Traded Funds in Currency Market
 2. SME Exchange
  1. Challenges
  2. Fund Raising
  3. SME Platform to Normal Platform
  4. Liquidity, Volatility and Performance of SME Listed Companies

3. Risk Management

  1. Credit Risk, Systematic Risk and Unsystematic Risk
  2. Liquidity risk, Operational Risk, Value at Risk (VaR)
  3. Risk Based Pricing
  4. Measuring and Managing Risk in Capital Markets

4. Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management Service (PMS) and Alternate Investment Funds (AIFs)

  1. Performance of Mutual Funds, Investment, Income and Expenses of Mutual Funds,
  2.  Regulatory aspects on Mutual Funds, Active and Passive Managed Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Portfolio and Fund Management.
  3. REITs and INVITs
  4. Hedge Funds

5. Capital Market and Corporate Finance

  1. Firm Value and Valuation
  2.  Impact of Corporate Actions: Dividend, Stock Splits, Rights issue; Mergers, Acquisitions, LBO, Demerger on Markets and Value
  3. Capital Structure
  4. Private Funding and Venture Capital