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NISM Skills Registry

NISM Skills Registry is an online database of all NISM Certified Candidates who have successfully passed and obtained NISM Certificates in various market segments. The NISM Skills Registry consists of data pertaining to candidates of all NISM Certification Examinations and Continuing Professional Education (CPE)  irrespective of the candidates' location, Test Centres, Test Administrator or CPE Provider. The data is primarily provided for verification purposes against the NISM Certificates issued by NISM either in physical form or in soft copy format. Verification can be performed based on Permanent Account Number (PAN) of candidates certified by NISM. 

NISM Skills Registry is available for FREE Verification to all after a one-time registration on NISM Skills Registry Portal (

Salient Features of NISM Skills Registry:

  • More than 1,50,000 Candidates
  • Centralized Online Database for verification of NISM Certificates
  • Free of Cost verification after one-time registration
  • Online verification of NISM Certificates using PAN, thereby reducing the time involved in physical verification
  • Enhanced Automated tool to ensure compliance with SEBI (CAPSM) Regulations, 2007

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