NISM Series-III-B: Issuers Compliance Certification Examination

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As per the Securities Contracts Regulation Act, 1956, the definition of securities includes
which of the following?

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Certificates of deposit are_________.

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SEBI Act is applicable to which of the following?

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Matters related to prospectus of the company are specified in _______.

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Listing Agreement is the Agreement required to be entered into _________________ to
admission of securities to dealings in Stock Exchange.

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SEBI (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulations applies to __________.

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SEBI (ICDR) Regulations are applicable to:

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Connected persons as per the SEBI Insider Trading Regulations means any connected person
during the ___________ prior to an act of insider trading.

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SEBI (Issue and Listing of Securitized Debt Instruments and Security Receipts) Regulations,
2008 applies to ________.

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Compliance Officer's job involves _________.

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For listing of new shares on the Stock Exchanges, the Compliance Officer is required to
compile information regarding_________.

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Who are internal stakeholders of the Company?

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Company's policies have a direct or indirect impact on _____________.

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Compliance Officer is required to notify ________ once the trading plan is approved.

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Compliance Officer is required to monitor the email address of the ___________________
division of the listed entity for registering complaints by investors.

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In case of takeovers, the target company shall furnish to the acquirer within ________
working days from the identified date, a list of shareholders as per the register of members
of the target company.

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Regulation 32 of the SEBI Listing Regulations i.e. the requirement for monitoring the deviation
in utilisation of proceeds is an example of ___________.

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Capital once raised from whom enhances the credibility of the Company?

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Before deciding on the method of raising money, it is necessary to ensure that a balance is
maintained between:

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In the book built process, the gap between floor price and the cap cannot be more than ____

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According to the ICDR Regulations, eligibility to list on innovators growth platform is
conditional on a certain percentage of the pre-issue capital being held by a regulated entity
having a pooled investment fund with minimum assets under management of ___________

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SR equity shares is same as shares with Differential Voting Rights. State True or False?

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Once the management takes the decision to raise an IPO, the ______________ plays an
important role in facilitating an appropriate decision.

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Eligibility conditions to be fulfilled by an issuer for making an initial public offer on the Main
Board is specified in _______________.

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No issuer can make a public issue of specified securities if __________.

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Nomination and Remuneration Committee must comprise of at least __________ directors.

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Since the Insider Trading Regulations would be applicable to the company as soon it is listed,
it is therefore advisable to put a model Insider Trading Code in place before the company files
the draft Offer Document with SEBI. State TRUE or FALSE.

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Legitimate Purpose Policy made by the issuer company must be approved by _________.

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As per SEBI Listing Regulations, the criteria for making payments to ______________ is
required to be disclosed on the website of the company, if it is not disclosed in the annual

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Marketing of the issue can be assigned to one of the lead managers if there are more than
one managers to the Issue. State True or False?

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Any promoters’ holding in excess of minimum contribution shall be locked-in for a period of
___________ from the date of allotment in the initial public offer.

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The prospectus registered with the Registrar of Companies MUST contain a price band. State

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In respect of all public communications, issue advertisements and publicity materials, the
issuer is required to obtain approval from the ______________.

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The allotment of specified securities to each retail individual investor shall not be less than
the minimum bid lot in an IPO. State True or False?

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The issue price in case of a rights issue is required to be decided before determining which of
the following?

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The subscription for additional shares in a rights issue by a promoter is exempt from the SEBI
(Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulations, 2011. State TRUE or FALSE.

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_____________ issue means shares issued to existing shareholders of the company free of

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Board Meeting resolution is adequate for making a preferential issue of shares and no
resolution of shareholders is required. State TRUE or FALSE.

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Minimum of _______ % of the eligible securities is required to be allotted to mutual funds in
case of Qualified Institutions Placement.

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According to ICDR Regulations, a Body Corporate with net worth of _________ is eligible to
be considered as accredited investor in Innovators Growth Platform.

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Depository Receipts issued in the which of the following countries are called Global Depository Receipts?

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The quarterly return for the amount raised through ADR/GDR mechanism is required to be
submitted till ____________.

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FEMA applies for joint ventures between two Indian Companies. State True or False

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SEBI Buyback Regulations specify that the buyback can be made through ________.

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For the purposes of SEBI Regulations, small shareholders means a shareholder who holds
shares whose market value on the basis of closing price as on record date is not more than

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The listed entity shall submit to the stock exchange(s) a statement showing holding of
securities and shareholding pattern separately for each class of securities, in the format
specified by the Board from time to time on a quarterly basis within ______ days from the
end of the Quarter.

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SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations requires that every listed company, market
intermediary and other persons formulating a code of conduct shall identify and designate a
__________ to administer the code of conduct and other requirements under these

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Channels for disseminating information shall provide for equal, ____________ and
____________ to relevant information by investors.

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A transaction involving a corporation and one of its transaction is an example of __________.

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SEBI Act prescribes the penalty for failure to furnish any document or report to SEBI which
shall not be less than Rs.________.

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