The fee for one-year residential programme is Rs. 5,60,000/- (Rupees Five Lakh Sixty Thousand only)(inclusive of lodging boarding and applicable taxes)

Fee Structure

First Installment

Programme Fees               Rs. 1,85,000*

Lodging and Boarding         Rs. 62,500

*[email protected]%


Second Installment

Programme Fees               Rs. 1,65,000*

Lodging and Boarding         Rs. 62,500

*[email protected]%


Alumini Association Fund Rs. 2,000


Refundable Deposits

Library Deposit(Refundable)               Rs. 10,000

Hostel Room Deposit(Refundable)        Rs. 10,000


Education Loan

NISM facilitates applicants in securing educational loans. The institute has understanding with SBI – Vashi Branch, Saraswat Bank and Credila for granting loans to selected PGPSM applicants. NISM neither guarantees loans nor recommends any bank / financial institution for loans.

The last days to pay the installments will not be relaxed at any instance.


NISM Events

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