Anti-Ragging Committee and Squad

1. Anti-Ragging Committee (ARC)

 S.No Name of Associate Designation Contact Details
 1Director and Ex-OfficioDirector
 2Prof. K Sukumaran, DeanMember
 3Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Associate Professor Member
 4Mr.Deep Mani Shah,General Manager Member
 5Mr. Jagdale, Inspector of Rasayani Police StationMember
 6Ms. Anson Paul, StudentMember
 7Ms. Vignesh MN, StudentMember
 8Ms. Niyati Gupta, StudentMember

2. Anti-Ragging Squad (ARS) 

 S.No Name of Associate Designation Contact Details
 1Mr. Vishal Shukla, Member of FacultyChairperson
 2Mr. Rabindra Agasti, Deputy Manager Member
 3Mr. Rupesh Tiwari, Executive Member
 4Mr. Ujjwal Jain, Academic Associate Member
 5Mr. Adil Dsa, Student
 6Ms. Aiswarya Rath, Student Member