NISM/Certification/SEBI Investor Certification Examination /2024/01 dated April 29, 2024

NISM/Certification/SEBI Investor Certification Examination

Communiqué/Press Release

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in association with National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) announces the launch of SEBI Investor Certification Examination. The examination has been introduced with an aim to foster Financial Literacy and Investor awareness in Indian Securities Markets.

The certification examination seeks to create a common minimum knowledge benchmark to empower individuals with essential knowledge about basic concepts of savings and Investment. By equipping potential investors with the necessary skills and insights, the regulator aims to enhance financial literacy and promote informed decision-making.

The SEBI Investor Certification Examination will be available to the candidates with effect from March 18, 2024.

Details of the updated examination can be downloaded from the website of NISM.

Details of the updated SEBI Investor Certification Examination are given in Annexure-I of this communiqué/ press release.

The text of these Annexures and the registration details are available at


Sunil Kadam


National Institute of Securities Markets

Enclosures: Annexure I