26th Aug 2023
9:30 am To 1:30 pm
Online Mode: Zoom and Offline Mode: NISM Bhavan, Plot No. 82, Sector 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Hands-on MDP in Technical Analysis

Event Information

Welcome to NISM’s Online MDP on Technical Analysis!

Course Overview: Date: Aug 26-27, 2023 | Time: 09:30 am – 1:30 pm

Course Content:

• Efficient Market Hypothesis
• History and Evolution
• Dow Theory
• Limitations of Technical Analysis
• Candlestick Patterns
• Support and Resistance
• Creating & Testing Trading Strategies
• Back-testing & Analysis


₹2000 + GST

Maximum Participants:

Limited to 50 participants

Delivery Method:

Online classes delivered through Zoom


• Dr. Latha Chari, Professor & HOD
• Dr. Meraj Inamdar, Assistant Professor
• Dr. Pradiptarathi Panda, Assistant Professor

Benefits of the MDP:

Online Classes: Participate from the comfort of your own home or office.
Expert Instructors: Learn from experienced professionals in the field of technical analysis.
Hands-on Experience: Apply the concepts learned through practical exercises and case studies.
Simulated Trading: Gain insights into real-world trading scenarios and strategies.

Who should take this program?

• Traders and Investors: Individuals involved in trading or investing in financial markets who wish to enhance their decision-making skills through technical analysis.

• Financial Professionals: Finance professionals, including analysts, brokers, portfolio managers, and financial advisors, seeking to deepen their understanding of technical analysis and improve their client services.

• Research Analysts: Professionals involved in equity research, market analysis, or investment research who want to expand their skill set and incorporate technical analysis into their research process.

• Risk Managers: Risk management professionals interested in incorporating technical analysis to better assess market trends and potential risks.

• Students and Academicians: Students pursuing finance, economics, or related fields, as well as academicians interested in gaining practical insights into technical analysis.

• Individuals Considering a Career in Trading: Aspiring traders who want to learn the foundational principles of technical analysis and develop a systematic approach to trading.

Whether you are a seasoned trader or new to the world of financial markets, this program will provide you with valuable knowledge and practical skills in technical analysis. Join us to unlock the potential of technical analysis and make informed trading decisions in today’s dynamic financial landscape.

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