04th Jul 2023
9:30 am To 1:30 pm

Online MDP – Derivative Strategies

Event Information

MDP Derivative Strategies
Welcome to NISM’s Online MDP on Derivative Strategies!

Date & Time: July 04-05, 2023 | 9:30 am to 1:30 pm (IST)

Program Highlights:

• Comprehensive coverage of futures, forwards, and options

• Derivatives terminologies

• Clearing and settlement of derivatives

• Simple derivative strategies

• Arbitrage and hedging strategies


• ₹2000 + GST

Maximum Participants:

• Limited to 50 participants

Delivery Method:

• Online classes delivered through Zoom


• Dr. Latha Chari, Professor & HOD

• Dr. Meraj Inamdar, Assistant Professor

• Dr. Pradiptarathi Panda, Assistant Professor

Benefits of the MDP:

Online Classes: Attend the program from the comfort of your home or office, eliminating the need for travel.

Expert Instructors: Learn from experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in derivative strategies.

Hands-on Experience: Gain practical insights and enhance your skills through interactive sessions and simulated trading.

Simulated Trading: Practical learning through NISM’s simulated trading software and practice live trades to reinforce your learning.

Who Should Attend:

This MDP is designed for professionals and individuals who want to deepen their understanding of derivative strategies and enhance their skills in the financial industry. The program is particularly beneficial for:

• Traders and investors looking to expand their knowledge of derivatives

Financial analysts seeking to gain expertise in derivative instruments

• Risk managers and compliance professionals involved in derivative-related activities

• Portfolio managers interested in incorporating derivative strategies into their investment decisions

• Finance professionals and executives who want to stay updated on the latest trends in derivatives

• Students and academicians pursuing studies or research in finance or related fields

Important System Requirements for Live Trading Experience:

Please note that a Windows-based laptop is mandatory as participants will need to install NISM’s simulated trading software to try out live trades during the sessions. Macbooks and Android mobiles are not supported.

Please be aware that the software may not function properly on office networks or networks protected by firewalls. To have uninterrupted access to the simulated trading software, we recommend using a stable and reliable internet connection from a non-restricted network environment.


Please note that recorded sessions of the MDP will not be made available. We encourage participants to attend the live sessions to actively engage with the trainers and make the most of the interactive learning experience.

Group Inquiry Contact Details:

For group inquiries or any further information, please reach out to:

Mr. Nikhil Shinde
Senior Assistant General Manager
Contact: +91-2192668476
Email: nikhil.shinde@nism.ac.in

Limited spots are available, so reserve your place today to secure your spot in this valuable program!

We look forward to welcoming you to our Online MDP on Derivative Strategies!


The MDP is intended for educational purposes only and does not constitute financial or investment advice. The information shared during the program should not be considered as recommendations or endorsements for specific trading or investment decisions. The program does not guarantee any specific results or outcomes. The understanding and application of derivative strategies may vary based on individual circumstances and market conditions. Participants are encouraged to exercise their own judgment and conduct further research or seek professional advice before making any financial decisions. Derivative trading involves inherent risks, including the potential for significant financial losses. Participants should be aware of and understand the risks associated with derivative trading before engaging in any trading activities. It is recommended to carefully evaluate personal risk tolerance and consider seeking advice from a qualified financial professional. Recording of the MDP sessions, whether audio, video, or any other form, is strictly prohibited. Participants are expected to respect the intellectual property rights of the trainers and the organizers. By registering for the Online MDP on Derivative Strategies, participants acknowledge and agree to these disclaimers. The organizers, trainers, affiliated parties or NISM shall not be held liable for any losses, damages, or consequences arising from the use of the information provided during the program.