20th Jan 2021
9:00 am To 5:00 pm

Orientation Programme for Directors of Listed Companies

Event Information

In order to address this urgent and important requirement, NISM and Excellence Enablers are jointly offering a half-day programme which, in an interactive fashion, will focus on the training requirements of Directors and those who have recently become directors or on the verge of becoming Directors. The programme will focus on the regulatory and legislative provisions, their practical implications and the manner in which the journey beyond compliance to governance can be undertaken so as to significantly improve the performance of persons who are members of Boards of Directors of corporate entities. While the “what” is addressed in law and the regulations, the “how” is also proposed to be discussed in this programme.

The half-day programme, which will be delivered online, will blend theory and practical boardroom experience through interactive sessions.

Programme Director
Mr. M. Krishnamoorthy
Member of Faculty, School for Corporate Governance, NISM
Email: krishna.m@nism.ac.in

Programme Coordinator
Ms. Jinal Rohit
Management Trainee, School for Corporate Governance, NISM
Email: jinal.rohit@nism.ac.in

Nominations may be sent by email to trainingfordirectorsnism@nism.ac.in