04th Jul 2022
9:00 am To 6:00 pm

Regulatory Role in Development of Capital Markets-SEBI Perspective | July 4-8, 2022

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Ministry of External Affairs conducts capacity building programmes under the Indian Technical & Economic Cooperation (ITEC) initiative in partnership with various institutes of repute. The ITEC Programme, fully funded by the Government of India, has evolved and grown over the years. Under ITEC, 161 countries in Asia, Africa, East Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean as well as Pacific and Small Island countries are invited to share in the Indian developmental experience acquired over seven decades of India’s existence as a free nation. As a result of different activities under this programme, there is now a visible and growing awareness among other countries about the competence of India as a provider of technical know-how and expertise as well as training opportunities, consultancy services and feasibility studies. These programmes have generated immense goodwill and substantive cooperation among the developing countries.

Under Indian Technical & Economic Cooperation (ITEC), National Institute of Securities Market (NISM) hosts the training programs. This training programmes intends to train foreign delegates on areas related to global securities markets. The programmes are aimed at capacity building as well as familiarizing the participants with various financial Instruments and its issuance processes.

The objective of the programmes is to provide a holistic perspective to the participants about the different facets of the securities market. Sessions on overview of financial markets, evolution of Indian securities markets,corporate govenernance framework, investment objectives and strategies, investment restrictions and processes, pricing and valuation of assets of schemes, credit evaluation and risk management mechanism, regulatory framework, understanding of various pooled investment schemes like CIS, Mutual Fund, AIFs, REITs, InvITs, etc. including regulatory framework are included in the training programmes.

NISM is a partner institute with the Indian Technical & Economic Cooperation (ITEC) initiative of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India and conducts many offline as well as online training programs for the participants from different countries since 2018.

ITEC and e-ITEC Programmes conducted since 2018:

Sr. No.Name of ProgrammeDatesNumber of Participants
1Programme on ‘Overview of Global Securities Markets’October 15 – 19, 201815
2Programme on An Overview of Global Securities Markets for ITEC ParticipantsSeptember 16 – 20, 201914
3Programme on Pooled Investment Vehicles (Indian and Global Perspective)December 9 – 13, 20197
4Online Programme on ‘Familiarization of SEBI’s Policy and Regulatory Framework’November 25 – 27, 20209
5Online Programme on financial Instruments and Issuance ProcessesMarch 15 – 19, 202137
6Online Programme on Pooled Investment VehiclesMarch 22 – 26, 202115
7Online Programme Financial Instruments and Issuance ProcessesOctober 25 – 29, 202113
8Online Programme on Pooled Investment VehiclesDecember 6 – 10, 202117

Upcoming e-ITEC Programmes in FY 2022-23:

Sr. No.Course NameProposed DatesTraining Duration
1Regulatory Role in Development of Capital Markets-SEBI PerspectiveJuly 4 – 8, 20225 days
2Financial Instruments and Issuance ProcessesOctober 10 – 14, 20225 days
3Programme on Basics of DerivativesDecember 5 – 9, 20225 days

How to Apply for the e-ITEC Programmes?

The applicant may visit https://itecgoi.in/e-itec portal, which has a wide range of courses offered by many prestigious institutes of India. The applicant may choose the suitable course as per their interest, field of work etc. The procedure to apply for specific courses is given on the ITEC Portal.

For more information, please visit:

ITEC Website: Click here

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In case of any query, please send an email to susanta.das@nism.ac.in and jinal.rohit@nism.ac.in.