Filing of Application
Payment of Fee
Download Application Form

  1. Filling of Application

(a)  A person seeking information may file an application on form attached as Appendix ‘A” either in writing or by e-mail giving particulars of the information being sought.

(b)  The application along with the requisite fee can be given to the Public Information Officer (PIO), National Institute of Securities Markets – 410222

(c)  In case request is made by e-mail, the fee should be deposited within seven days. Non-receipt of fee will imply withdrawal of request.

2. Payment of Fee

(a) A nomimal fee of Rs. 10/- will be charged as application fee.

(b) For information under Section 7, additional fee will be payable as under-

(i) Rs. 2/- per page (A4 or A5)
(ii) Actual cost (for sizes bigger than A4 or A5)
(iii) In case of printed material-
   (aa) Price of publication, or
   (ab) Rs. 2 per page in case of photocopies
(iv) Actual cost of samples and models.
(v)  In case information is needed on disk or floppy- Rs. 50/- per disk/floppy

(c ) Inspection of records-

(i) No fee for first hour
(ii) Rs. 5/- per 15 minutes (or part thereof).

(d) No fee, if the

(i)  Requisitioner is below poverty line
(ii) PIO has failed to reply within 30 days

(e) The fee is payable in demand draft/ banker’s cheque favoring National Institute of Securities Markets, payable at Raigad.

Appendix ‘A’

Application Form for Seeking Information under RTI Act 2005


Public Information Officer

National institute of Securities Markets

Plot no. IS-1 & IS2, Patalganga Industrial Area,

Village Mohopada (Alias Wasambe), Rasayani,

District Raigad, Maharashtra – 410222

 1. Name of Applicant 2. Address 3. Particulars of information sought   (a) Department concerned   (b) Particulars of information required    (i) Details of information required (specified):   (ii) Period for which information asked for   :   (iii) Any other details 4. I state that the information sought does not fall within the restrictions contained in Section 8 of the Act and to the best of my knowledge it pertains to your office. 5. A fee of   Rs. 10/- is enclosed herewith vide Demand Draft/ banker’s cheque No.________ dated ______favouring “National institute of Securities Markets ” payable at Raigad.

Date :                                                                      ( Signature of Applicant)

E-mail address, if any:__________                          Place______________

Telephone No (Office)____________                  Residence __________