"Through its rigorous executive education and leadership programs the School supports the Reserve Bank of India and the Securities and Exchange Board of India, the watchdogs in the Indian financial sector, in augmenting their human resource towards the implementation of regulatory policies”

- Dean SRSS


The complex and dynamic nature of financial markets requires dynamic regulations, knowledgeable and up-todate financial markets professionals. The professionals of securities markets/ financial markets must keep abreast of latest market legal framework, products, processes, technologies etc. The School for Regulatory Studies and Supervision helps financial markets regulators in India and abroad, government official and market participants to understand and effectively implement regulatory policies norms. The School provides traning,workshop,seminars on.

    • Securities Law
    • Effective Surveillance of Securities Markets
    • Masterclass related to Financial Markets
    • Investigating Economic Crimes in Securities Market
    • Fixed Income Securities -Analysis and Pricing

NISM Events

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