Invitation to Colleges to Associate with NISM as Test Centers for Conducting NISM’s Certification Examinations

NISM has been conducting certification examinations and CPE programs as per the mandate from SEBI. Presently, examinations and CPE programs together are conducted at more than 150 locations across the country. These examinations are taken by market participants as well as students. As securities markets require skilled manpower, as part of efforts to build capacity, NISM keeps on promoting certification examinations through various channels.

NISM currently offers 31 Certification Examinations for various market participants. These examinations are conducted in 150+ test centers across the country throughout the year. Most of these certification examinations are mandatory as per SEBI (CAPSM) Regulation, 2007 and other regulators in the financial domain. The above examinations are Computer-based tests conducted in specified proctored test centers (Internet-based Testing), having multiple choice questions (MCQs) and/or Case Based Questions with a duration of 2 to 3 hours. The list of such examinations is available at

For the past many years, NISM has been successfully conducting its certification exams through its network of test centers which includes several educational institutes spread across the country. In order to expand its reach, NISM is looking to associate with the educational institutes in the below cities to conduct its certification exams:

Sr. No. Cities Sr. No. Cities
1 Mumbai 6 Chennai
2 Delhi 7 Pune
3 Bengaluru 8 Ahmedabad
4 Hyderabad 9 Surat
5 Kolkata 10 Indore

The scope of work is given below:

• Each Test Centre is expected to be equipped with modern workstations with minimum of 50 machines (Available in a single lab)
• Network infrastructure for conducting Internet-based tests in a restricted manner
• Trained manpower for invigilation of exams
• Power and internet backup lines
• CCTV coverage should be available in and around the computer lab
• Security arrangements for conducting examinations in a credible manner
• Exams may be conducted either on weekdays, or on weekends (Saturdays & Sundays only), or on all days of the week, based on the mutual understanding between NISM and the Test Center

Note: Only AICTE-approved educational institutes / Colleges affiliated to Universities may apply.

Interested colleges and academic institutions are requested to fill the attached form and mail the duly filled form along with 2-3 photographs of the lab (that is being proposed to be used to conduct NISM’s exams) to NISM may seek additional details from shortlisted colleges/institutes to arrive at a final decision.

Detailed IT requirements (hardware, software and connectivity requirements) will be shared with the shortlisted institutes after receiving their initial expression of interest. Commercials will be shared with the shortlisted institutes.

For any clarifications/queries, please contact:

Ms. Megha Gupta
Deputy Manager, NISM
Contact details- 02192-668409

Please Click here to download the Test Centre Application Form. To send your interest in response to this announcement, please fill this form and email the duly filled form to:

NISM reserves the right to accept or reject the interest received against this web announcement at its sole discretion without assigning any reasons. NISM may assess the need for a test centre at a particular location based on many factors including the expected demand for NISM’s exams in a specific geographical location, availability of already existing test centre(s) in the vicinity, etc. It may be noted that it is not binding on NISM to open/approve a test centre just because all the technical requirements for it are met by a college/institute.

In addition to the other requirements as mentioned above, the location of the test centre (i.e., it being located in a centralized location of that city/town), accessibility of the test centre and its connectivity through the modes of public transport will be considered by NISM, while shortlisting a college as its test centre.