Launch of eCPE for Equity Derivatives

The School for Certification of Intermediaries has launched online format of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for Mutual Fund Distributors module. The online CPE, called as, eCPE is NISM’s Continuing Professional Education programme delivered in online mode. In a traditional CPE, participants are required to physically visit CPE venue, typically, in an office meeting room, classroom or a banquet hall and attend a full-day training programme. However, in eCPE, candidates can access the training programme from their home/office at their convenience. The eCPE consists of a mix of video lessons and quizzes.

The NISM ‘NISM-Series-VIII: Equity Derivatives’ eCPE is for a period of approximately five hours

Pre-requisites for eCPE – Candidates should, preferably, have a laptop/desktop with at least 2GB of RAM. The laptop/desktop should be connected to internet access having minimum speed of at least 2 Mbps. You can access the course from the latest version of any modern browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Please note that Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer are not supported at the moment. For best experience, it is recommended to use headphones/earphones to listen to video lessons.

Proctoring of the Candidate – NISM may monitor Candidate’s performance during the online eCPE session may be monitored by NISM either in its entirety through or in part thereof using snapshots and/or microphone feed. The audio-visuals and other information so obtained will be stored by NISM on its server and/or a third-party hosting service provider and/or its supplier/s. The proctoring information in the form of audio-visuals may form a part of the candidate evaluation process followed by NISM before issuance of any certificate. NISM may reject issuance of certificate / cancel an issued certificate and/or take appropriate action based on the proctoring information

Candidates who are registered with NISM can enroll for a CPE / eCPE programme. If you are not registered already, you may register at

The fees for eCPE is ₹2500 which is to be paid only through NISM Certification Portal at can enroll for eCPE through NISM Certification Portal at

1. After login, candidates can click on “Enrolment” -> “Enroll for CPE/eCPE” and select “e-CPE”.

2. Thereafter, candidates can select the “Module” and select appropriate “Category”, e.g., Normal Renewal/Grandfathered by Age/Grandfathered by Experience.

3. Thereafter, candidates can select a date and time slot during which they wish to attempt the eCPE course.

4. After completion of payment, candidates will receive the eCPE login credentials to their email and SMS, one day prior to the selected date.

Please note that eCPE course access will be valid only during the date selected during enrolment.

The candidate will have to apply sufficiently in advance, minimum 15 days in advance, to get the suitable date and ensure that he/she complete eCPE course before expiry of his/her certificate.

For details and most frequently asked questions, please visit the FAQs section.

Attention: For Mutual Fund Distributors (MFD) Classroom CPE Candidates:

Candidates who had earlier enrolled themselves for MFD classroom CPE Programs but could not attend the same due to lockdown, such candidates can convert their Classroom CPE program to Online eCPE Course by filling up the following form:

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