Session by Dr. Murugappa(Murgie) Krishnan, Visiting Professor, University of Washington on Tuesday August 09,2022 at NISM, Patalganga Campus

Dr. Murugappa (Murgie) Krishnan, Visiting Professor in Accounting, the University of Washington had delivered a lecture on “Pricing of Earnings in the Presence of Informed Traders: A Simple GMM Approach” at NISM, Patalganga Campus on Tuesday August 09, 2022. He started the discussion by highlighting on the relevance of accounting both from Indian and US contexts. During his lecture, he emphasized the significance of publicly available information and its nexus between the price earning mechanism with the help of several econometric models. He also demonstrated the market scenario during an earnings announcement situation and concluded with a remark that the information advantages of Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) are significant for those firms who are making the best use of it.”