Workshop on Inflation, Commodities and Markets, January 15 – 19, 2024 | NISM Campus, Patalganga

The National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) has conducted a 5-day Workshop on Inflation, Commodities, and Markets for IES Officers and SEBI Officers from January 15 – 19, 2024, at NISM Campus, Patalganga.

The programme is aimed at familiarizing the role of commodities in the current economic scenario and analyzing the appropriateness of policy measures considering the underlying market fundamentals, contemporary market developments, and prices.

On the commencement day, Dr. V Shunmugam, adjunct professor at NISM, briefed the participants about the coverage of the workshop, its objectives, and the schedule. This workshop elaborated on various commodities of economic significance to India, benchmark spot and futures markets and prices, functioning of commodity derivative markets, economic data releases, ways to interpret the price signals, Price Reporting Agencies (PRAs) and their increasing role in enabling commodity transactions, its relevance to policymaking and risk management, contemporary developments in commodity derivative markets, the terminal of Bloomberg and its utility, various services provided by PRAs, and finally a hands-on session on the securities markets to understand the process of price discovery, trading and clearing in the securities markets, etc.

The programmme is attended by 10 IES Officers and 9 SEBI Officers, and their feedback revealed that they benefitted from deliberations. 

The programme concluded with a vote of thanks.