Students Extra-Curricular Activities

Academic Year 2018-19

When children are encouraged to express themselves and take risks in creating art, they develop a sense of innovation that will help produce the kind of people that society needs to take it forward.”

Freedom was infused with new meanings on the evening of 14th August 2018 in NISM, as it celebrated India’s 72nd Independence Day. The entire NISM community, including students, staff, faculty and their family members attended the function. The event began by acknowledging the presence of our worthy Director Dr. M. Thenmozhi and Registrar, Mr. G.P. Garg. This event was also the inception of a newly introduced concept where all the students of NISM were divided into four groups, namely Maples, Yankees, Shoguns and Samurai. These names are based on the various foreign bonds currently in the market.

Different teams of NISM portrayed the many hues of freedom with their respective performances. Team Maples began the show by riveting everyone in the audience with their skit focusing on the unsung heroes of New India and fun-filled dance performances. Next, Team Yankee’s received much appreciation for its portrayal of tragedies of war which is majorly borne by the martyr’s family, especially the ‘veer naris’ who refuse to give up. Team Shoguns left no stone unturned to entertain the audience by showcasing a series of acts including a mime on how youth is responding to the three principles of Gandhiji followed by a collaborative performance of classical dance and western music. In the end, Team Samurai’s stage presence and humorous mimicry made the audience joyfully set off with laughter, along with bringing out the sense of occasion with a soulful group song performance. Students of NISM’s Dance Club with their attitude and moves rocked the stage on the beats of zingaat. The ladies from the House-Keeping department also showcased their talent by presenting a lavani dance performance and stole everybody’s heart. The last and most heart-warming act of the evening was by the Maharashtra Suraksha Bal i.e. our NISM’s security team, which was a dedication to Major Kaustubh Rane, a soldier who was killed in an encounter with the separatists. Their performance not only received a standing ovation but also left everyone with a sense of pride.

The level of participation and the size of the audience was truly amazing. It truly depicted the spirit of NISM–all for one, one for all. Undoubtedly the icing on the cake was the fierce competition, which was also entertaining at its core. A set of judges, based on certain criteria like creativity, teamwork, time management, etc., decided the winners. Team Yankees lifted the winner’s trophy while Team Maples were the runner-up. The evening concluded with a vote of thanks to all the faculty, judges, student coordinators, group leaders, technicians, etc. who put their heart and soul in making the event a success.

NISM kick-started its first Sports week from 10th August 2018 – 13th August 2018 in tune with celebrating India’s 72nd Independence Day. Students representing each of the four teams, namely Team Maples, Team Yankees, Team Shogun & Team Samurai participated with great enthusiasm and portrayed excellent skills along with Team spirit and healthy competition.

The sports list featured Badminton, Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess and Tug–of–War. Each team internally nominated their best 2 teams for each sport category to compete with other teams. The morning of the first day started with an exciting Mixed Doubles Badminton match followed by Table Tennis and Carrom matches in the evening. The following 2 days continued to be as energetic as the first, where the students competed in the Quarter Final and Semi-Final Rounds. The last day witnessed some Nail-biting and interesting Final round matches. The tug–of–war was a friendly match played on the 15th August 2018 between the students and also participation from the Security Forces team and House Keeping Team.

NISM Faculty, Staff and students were present in huge numbers to cheer and motivate the participants and teams as they battled for the Winner’s title. Team Maples dominated in Badminton followed by Team Samurai, whereas Team Yankees were victorious in Table Tennis and Carrom while Team Shogun were declared winners in Chess.

The prize distribution ceremony was conducted on 15th August 2018 where all the Winner’s and Runners up were felicitated with medals by our Director Dr. M. Thenmozhi.

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