“Research is a crucial ingredient and a differentiator among Institutions of higher learning; knowledge dissemination is supported by knowledge creation.

The School for Securities Information and Research encourages faculty members at NISM to undertake research projects and publications in the Securities Markets…


research 5thaug

Assessment of the long-term performance of credit rating agencies in India

-Submitted to the Ministry of Finance, Government of India

Study on Arbitration Mechanism in Stock Exchange and Depositories

-submitted to SEBI

Factors affecting the SMILE effect and implied volatility in the context of Option Pricing Models

-Actuarial & Financial Mathematics Conference

Published by Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and Arts

Global Shapes of Preference Scaling Functions

-Journal of Inter-disciplinary Economics

Convergence in Emerging Markets: The Case of Abuse of Dominant Position in Competition Policy

-Journal of Inter-disciplinary Economics

Structure of the Indian Corporate Bond Market: A Post 2005 View

-Published in International Economics and Finance Journal

-Listed in Econ Lit by the American Economic Association

The Network for Securities Market Data, a project undertaken by the SSIR, will act as a single point access to data pertaining to the Indian Securities Markets and will boost the research and analysis activities on the Markets”



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