Today, Throughout India, companies hire students with business skills rather than students with textual expertise only. Young Indians are given the opportunity to demonstrate their entrepreneurial skills because of the widespread need for an entrepreneurial generation in India, this idea is strongly supported and promoted by the Government of India who calls this generation the age of innovators. The E-Cell of the National Institute of Securities Markets is at the forefront of this business translation. The NISM’s Entrepreneurship-Cell is a student organization that aims to incubate the pioneering spirit of students who are destined to be the business leaders of tomorrow.

The Entrepreneurship-Cell focuses on helping students advance their entrepreneurial outlook by empowering students with valuable tools, such as providing them a platform to grow their business ideas while also broadening their perspectives through a variety of workshops, industry interactions, student activities that lead to a well-rounded entrepreneur with a risk appetite and awareness that is on par with business players across the globe. Our mission is to create an environment that would illuminate ideas about entrepreneurship development and creative deduction, cultivate a business culture and reach out to a wider audience in both the academic community and the industry for the incubation of business ideas.