About NISM & CRISIL Certified Credit Underwriter Programme (NCCCU)

  • Helps in thorough understanding of applied macroeconomics for lenders.
  • Gives an in-depth overview of the debt market, banking sector, NBFC sector and thereby develops an understanding of associated risks
  • Provides you with knowledge of the framework for evaluating credit risk and helps you gain a thorough understanding of the analysis of financial statements.
  • Empowers you with the knowledge of key regulation, security creation and documentation.


Certificate: Earn a Certificate upon successful completion

Flexible Timeline: Learn in accordance with your schedule

100% Online: Start now and learn from anywhere

Learning Hours: Approximately 50 hours to complete.

Learning Medium: English

Who should take this course?

• Professionals desirous of working in Banks, Non-banking financial companies, Asset management companies, Insurance companies, Rating agencies, Investment banks Institutional brokers, Private equity.

Course Content

  • Core concepts of credit risk assessment, including industry analysis, business risk evaluation, financial analysis and promoter assessment
  • How to evaluate and comprehend various products for financing small, medium and large businesses
  • How financial metrics of corporate performance are calculated and used to evaluate the credit worthiness of a business
  • How macroeconomic indicators and market conditions affect bond yields and credit spreads
  • How to establish the capacity to transition to modern lending

For details, download the course brochure.

Learning Hours and Access Period

This course has approximately 50 hours of learning content including videos, pdf content, module quizzes and assessments. To complete the course, you will be given access to the course content for 2 years from the date of your registration. If you are not able to complete the course within the access period of 2 years, you can re-register for the course and start from the beginning.

Examination, Re-examination, and Certificate

Once you have completed the course modules, with a minimum gap of 30 days between course registration and examination, you are eligible to register for an online-proctored examination. These examinations are conducted on quarterly basis (March, June, September, and December). The duration of the examination is 3 hours with MCQs based questions and no negative marking. A minimum of 60% is required to pass the examination. If you fail in the examination in your first attempt, you can re-attempt by paying the re-examination fee of Rs. 2000 plus applicable taxes. The exam can be taken any time within the license period as per the pre-defined schedule. After successfully passing the examination, you will be able to download the course Certificate and will receive a digital badge. In case the license period expires, you have to re-register for the programme.

Image of a sample certificate

Course Fee

The course fee is Rs.16,000 and exam fee is Rs.2000 (excl. of GST).



1) What does NISM & CRISIL Certified Credit Underwriter (NCCCU) programme offer?
The NISM & CRISIL Certified Credit Underwriter programme readies professionals for a fruitful underwriting career in the financial services industry. The course goes beyond mere concepts and focusses on business insights and challenges, and provides you the relevant knowledge and recognition to enhance your marketability. The content is interactive and exhaustive. It has 22 modules and helps you start and upgrade your career in areas as wide as retail, MSME, sales, and corporate lending.

2) Can I take the course?
Yes, if you have a bachelor’s degree with at least 50% marks, or equivalent cumulative grade point average (CGPA). The course is for graduates who wish to build a fulfilling career in the banking and finance industry, experienced bankers; credit research analysts; professionals working in asset reconstruction companies and consulting firms; professionals seeking to understand debt securities; and those looking to expand their career in commercial and retail finance, credit appraisal, credit monitoring, credit underwriting, loan syndication, stressed asset management, and project finance. And there is no age limit to enroll.

3) What are my career prospects in credit underwriting industry?
The financial services industry is very dynamic. A credit underwriter today performs various functions — from conducting detailed research on financial history of businesses and individuals for determining their creditworthiness to conducting compliance review of banks’ lending policy, and estimating the relative profitability of the relationship to the organisation. In short, career opportunities are aplenty with banks, institutional brokers, insurance companies, asset management companies, private equity, investment banks, rating agencies and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs).

4) How will I benefit from the programme?
The NCCCU programme has a sharp focus on training and upskilling. It provides a deep understanding of various credit assessment skills. The course helps you upgrade and fast-track your career. It will expand your career horizon. It follows a practical approach by using market data, industry trends and relevant case studies to facilitate a deeper understanding of concepts.

5) On average, how long does it take to complete the NCCCU programme?
Each module of the course requires about 50 learning hours, and can be bookmarked to enable quick access.

6) What is the course fee?
The registration fee is Rs 16,000 and the exam fee is Rs 2,000 per attempt. The course has 22 e-learning modules, including real-life case studies, recent regulations, resource documents, and market-related data and analysis

7) How do I make the payment?
After the registration, an email is sent to the participant with a payment link. The participant has to make the payment and reply to the email with details of the transaction.

8) How long can I access the course?
Access to the course content is valid for two years from the date of purchase.

9) Is the programme online-only?
Yes, it is a completely self-paced, online learning programme with human voice over, clickable interactivities, animations, additional reading material and knowledge checks to assess users.

10) What will I learn through the course?
Mainly, core concepts of credit risk assessment, including industry analysis, business risk evaluation, financial analysis and promoter assessment; various financial products for small, medium-sized and large businesses; and financial metrices of corporate performance. It helps you build capability to move towards new-age lending.

11) How can I access the online learning modules?
Access to the e-learning topics will be provided through the NISM platform. Once you complete the purchase, you will receive an email within 48 hours with details to access the course. The credentials to access it will be the same as those used for registration (email and password). You can see the course assigned under Your Courses, on the dashboard page. Click the assigned course and the course content page opens. Click the first module and begin the course.

12) How frequently is the content updated?
The content is updated to incorporate any new concept, or every time there is a change in industry practice or regulation. In addition, analysis of key events, articles and expert videos relevant for a credit underwriter are frequently added. This will keep you abreast of emerging trends and best practices in the credit underwriting space.

13) Can I access the modules on my mobile/tablet?
Yes, the modules are accessible through your mobiles/tablets as these are responsive and adapt to your screen size. However, we recommend using a laptop or a large-screen device for ease of learning and better knowledge retention.

14) Can I download the modules?
No. The modules are only accessible online through the Online Learning Platform.

15) What is the duration of each module?
Each module is 2-3 hours. However, study hours will vary for every individual. You need not complete a module at one go. Module content is auto bookmarked, and you may choose to pick up from where you stopped.

16) How many times can I access the modules?
The modules can be accessed online any number of times over the two years from the date of enrolment.

17) Do I get any learning material printouts/books?
No. However, within modules there are additional reading resources.

18) What is the exam schedule?
The exams are scheduled every quarter (March, June, September, December). The dates for the exam will be published a month in advance. Those wishing to take the exam must make their payments at least 15 days before the exam date. The minimum period to study for the exam is one month – which means the gap between registration for the exam and the exam is one month. All the 22 modules need to be completed before registering for the exam.

19) What is the structure of the exam and how is it conducted?
The exam will have multiple choice questions (MCQs) and multiple response questions (MRQs). The exam will be conducted online. It will be proctored online through your laptop/desktop webcam. The duration is three hours. You have to answer 150 questions.

20) How many times can I attempt the exam?
The exam can be taken any time within the license period as per the pre-defined schedule. In case the license period expires, you have to re-register for the programme.

21) What percentage should I get to pass the exam?

22) Will my wrong answers get negative marks?

23) What will be the format for exam scores?
Exam scores will be listed in percentages.

24) How can I renew the certificate?
Candidates are required to obtain six points, i.e., complete six hours of online learning to renew their certification every three years. A renewal fee of Rs 4,000 will be levied for an online refresher course and certificate re-validation.

25) Do I get placement opportunities/support?
NISM and CRISIL do not provide active placement support. However, the course is designed to provide practical insights into various aspects of credit underwriting, which will help you get the desired job. Also, both NISM and CRISIL have been conducting training programmes for organizations in the BFSI space for several years. This provides credence and acceptability to the NCCCU programme.

26) Can I cancel the registration?
No. Once registered, you cannot cancel it.

27) How can I get help with technical issues while accessing the modules online?
Please call us at 02192-668492/93 (Monday to Friday/ 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM) or e-mail us at elearning@nism.ac.in.

28) How will I get the certificate?
The certificate will be emailed to you. You will also get a NCCCU digital badge, which will validate your mastery in credit underwriting.

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