• Mr. S.K. Mohanty

    (Whole Time Member-Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) & Director


  • Mr. Sunil Jayawant Kadam

    (National Institute of Securities Markets)


  • Dr. V.R. Narasimhan

    Dean & Professor of Practice (School for Securities Education (SSE),School for Regulatory Studies and Supervision (SRSS) & School for Corporate Governance (SCG))

Head of Departments

  • Mr. Narayana Maddala

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Dr. Nitin Tike

    General Manager - Certification, Test and CPE Administration, Controller of Examinations Unit

  • Mr. Jitender Aggarwal

    Chief Engineer (Estates) and In charge of General Service Department (GSD)

  • Mr. A. V. Sankar

    General Manager (Finance & Accounts Department)

  • Mr. Sahil Malik

    General Manager-Marketing ,Communications and Placement Assistance Cell

  • Mr. Deep Mani Shah

    General Manager - HRD, Legal, Board, Compliance & Vigilance

  • Mr. Ajay Shrivastava

    General Manager-School for Investor Education and Financial Literacy (SIEFL)

  • Capt. S. K. Nair

    Vice President (Security and Protocol Department (SPD))

Faculty member

  • Dr. Venkatachalam Shunmugam

    Consultant-Commodities Education Cell (CEC)

  • Dr. Rachana Baid

    Professor, HOD (School for Securities Education), NISM

  • Dr. Latha Chari

    Associate Professor (School for Securities Information and Research (SSIR))

  • Dr. Jatin TRIVEDI

    Associate Professor( School for Securities Education (SSE) & (School for Securities Information and Research (SSIR))

  • Dr. Rajesh Kumar

    Associate professor and Program Director (LL.M. Program) , National Institute of Securities Markets, Mumbai

  • Dr. Abhay Nagale

    Assistant Professor (School for Certification of Intermediaries (SCI))

  • Dr. Ranjith Krishnan

    Assistant Professor, Head - Academic Programme Unit (APU) and Industry Liaison Officer

  • Dr. Narsimhulu Siddula

    Assistant Professor(School for Securities Education (SSE))

  • Dr. Pradiptarathi Panda

    Assistant Professor (School for Securities Information and Research (SSIR))

  • Dr. Hanish Kumar Sinha

    Professor of Practice, NISM

  • Mr. M. Krishnamoorthy

    Member of Faculty(AGM,SEBI)

  • Mr. Ritesh Kumar Nandwani

    Member of Faculty(AGM,SEBI)

  • Mr. Vishal Padole

    Member of Faculty (DGM,SEBI)

  • Mr. Mohd. Meraj Inamdar

    Lecturer (School for Corporate Governance (SCG))