LL.M. Advisory Board Meeting

A meeting of the Advisory Board of LLM [Investment & Securities laws] was held on November 28, 2022, at 2:30 pm in the Board room of NISM, Patalganga in hybrid mode. Hon’ble Justice S.S. Shinde, former Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court, presided over the meeting

Director NISM welcomed the Chairman and Members. The Board deliberated in details on updating the content of the syllabus, broadening and deepening the coverage of subjects and giving more focus on practical learning through moot courts, drafting & soft skills development workshops, conferences, and seminars. Members also emphasized increasing the number of leadership series lectures, case studies, industry interactions, alumni interaction, extracurricular activities, and mandatory internships of longer durations.

Chairman Justice Shinde, four members and a few faculty members [photo above]  attended the meeting in physical mode while other members attended it online.