About Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Mechanism

The objective of this e-learning module is to acquaint the market intermediaries and market participants about the process of grievance redressal through Online Dispute resolution mechanism in the Indian securities markets.

SEBI has introduced Online Dispute Resolution Mechanism to enable online conciliation and arbitration for resolution of disputes arising in the Indian Securities Market. For this, the market infrastructure institutions have collaborated under the guidance of SEBI to develop an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) portal to enhance the existing dispute resolution process. The SMART ODR portal offers a user-friendly platform to file complaints/dispute for resolution through online conciliation and arbitration.

Certificate: Earn a Certificate upon successful completion

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Learning Hours: Approximately 1.5 hours to complete.

Learning Medium: English

Who should take this course

This course is designed for:
• Employees of:
1) Market intermediaries
2) Market Infrastructure Institutions
3) ODR Institutions

• Investors/Market Participants

• Anyone interested in learning about ODR

Course Content

• Dispute Resolution: Old versus New System
• Introduction to ODR Mechanism and various stakeholders
• Orientation to ODR portal
• Understanding Conciliation
• Understanding Arbitration
• ODR institutions, Conciliators and Arbitrators
a) Empanelment
b) Roles and Responsibilities
c) Code of Conduct
• Do’s and Don’ts for Investors
• Do’s and Don’ts for Market Participants

Learning Hours and Access Period

This course has approximately 1.5 hours of learning content including videos, module quizzes etc. To complete the course, you will be given access to the course content for 7 days from the date of your registration. If you are not able to complete the course within the access period of 7 days, you can re-register for the course and start from the beginning.

Assessment and Certificate

Candidates need to appear in the online assessment to earn the certification. After successfully completing the assessment, you will be able to download the course Certificate.

Course Fee

The course is available free of cost.


1. How to register for the course?
To register for the course, click on the register button on the top right corner, next to FAQs.

2. How to pay the course fee?
There is no course fee. The course is available free of cost.

3. What is the duration of the course?
The course has approximately 1.5 learning hours of content.

4. What is the access period for the course?
You will get access to the course content for 7 days from the date of your registration.

5. What if I am unable to complete the course within 7 days?
If you are not able to complete the course within the access period of 7 days, you can re-register for the course and start from the beginning.

6. Can I access the content in my mobile?
Yes, the course can be accessed through the mobile devices.

7. Can I download the content?
No, it cannot be downloaded.

8. Is there any proctored examination for this course?
No. However, there will be an end course MCQ type assessment.

9. How will I get my certificate?
After successfully completing the course, you will be able to download the course Certificate.

10. How to get more information regarding this course?
For more information, you can download the course brochure, email elearning@nism.ac.in or call 02192-668492/93


NSDL, one of the largest Depositories in the World, established in August 1996 has established a state-of-the-art infrastructure that handles most of the securities held and settled in dematerialized form in the Indian capital market. Although India had a vibrant capital market which is more than a century old, the paper-based settlement of trades caused substantial problems like bad delivery and delayed transfer of title, etc. The enactment of Depositories Act in August 1996 paved the way for establishment of NSDL.

Using innovative and flexible technology systems, NSDL works to support the investors and brokers in the capital market of the country. NSDL aims at ensuring the safety and soundness of Indian marketplaces by developing settlement solutions that increase efficiency, minimize risk and reduce costs. At NSDL, we play a central role in developing products and services that will continue to nurture the growing needs of the financial services industry. In the depository system, securities are held in depository accounts, which is more or less similar to holding funds in bank accounts. Transfer of ownership of securities is done through simple account transfers. This method does away with all the risks and hassles normally associated with paperwork. Consequently, the cost of transacting in a depository environment is considerably lower as compared to transacting in certificates.

NSDL provides bouquet of services to investors, stock brokers, custodians, issuer companies etc. through its nationwide network of Depository Partners.

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