The securities market is dynamic and ever changing. At NISM we are committed to assess gaps in learning needs and offer appropriate capacity building initiative to bridge such gaps. Finance is a highly competitive field with hundreds of candidates vying for a single role. If you’re a student considering a career in finance, or a professional already working in the field, having a certificate can be a big boost to your career, and more specifically, your ability to quickly move up the ladder.

In order to see that professional’s in the financial services are enabled and empowered to learn the topics of their choice and relevance at their own pace and convenience, NISM is now embarking on programs on self-paced eLearning platform. NISM eLearning offers learners exposure to high quality content, personalized self-paced learning experience that can be accessed anytime from anywhere. Course content is delivered exclusively via our Learning Management System (LMS), a rich and rigorous platform that offers a consistent, cohesive, and quality learning experience for learners. In addition to acquiring expertise, learners will also be able to form meaningful connections with peers and educators.

The benefits of eLearning are multi-fold. Some well-known and acknowledged benefits include faster delivery, lower costs, more effective learning and no-geographical constraints. E-Learning will continue to be an effective self-development instrument for audiences, for years to come.

Let your journey begin with NISM eLearning and expand your growth opportunities.