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NISM-Series-XVII: Retirement Adviser Certification Examination

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The maximum time within which the Ombudsman shall pass an award after an appeal is filed with it under the NPS is

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Who is the chief regulator of securities markets in India?

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Which of the following is a responsibility of a Self Regulatory Organisation (SRO)?

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In maintaining documents related to health, including health insurance, which of the following is of primary importance?

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Which of the following documents is registered to establish ownership and title to a property?

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Which of the following ratio reflects the debt situation of the individual?

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What is the maximum holding period that a risk averse investor is likely invest his funds in the first bucket under the 'Bucket Strategy'?

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The retirement goal value will be affected by which of the following changes in the individual's life?

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What is the maximum tenure of the Reverse Mortgage Scheme?

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How is the Gratuity due paid to the employee?

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Which of the following are features of investments suitable in the distribution stage?

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Which of the following risks is a systematic risk affecting an investment?

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CAGR considers which of the following in the calculation

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A subscriber to the NPS receives the pension for income in retirement from

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In which of the following models of the NPS is the contribution always solely by the subscriber?

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Who defines the eligibility norms of the intermediaries in the NPS?

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Which of these expenses are likely to be higher in retirement?

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What should be the investment objective of the portfolio assigned to accumulating the retirement corpus?

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At which stage is it good to reduce the proportion of growth assets in the portfolio?

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Which of the following is essential for efficient investing in equity?

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Which of the following asset classes' returns are only from the appreciation in price?

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Which of the following is true about retirement goal?

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Which of these is a non-financial concern in retirement?

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Life expectancy directly affects which of the following features of the retirement goal?

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The retirement benefit in a Defined Contribution plan depends upon:

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