NISM Series-XXIII: Social Auditors Certification Examination

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1.Social Enterprises have access to which of the following?

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2. With reference to the accounting and reporting requirements of social sector organizations such as Trusts, Societies and Section 8 Companies which of the following statements hold true:
I. They are governed under the Companies Act
II. They are governed under an Act as per their registration
III. They are governed under the SEBI Act
IV. There is no single regulatory body for these organisations

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3. Who is the Primary regulator of the securities market in India?

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4. In case of______, the trader needs to specify the price at which the trade needs to be executed.

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5. An auction is resorted to when there are shortages in delivery by a/an______.

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6. Which among the following is NOT an objective of a Social Stock Exchange?
I. unlocking a large pool of social capital
II. listing funding channels
III. encourage blended finance structures
IV. providing a set of procedures and guidelines

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7. ________will perform independent verification of impact reporting.

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8. The minimum issue size of Zero Coupon Zero Principal (ZCZP) is:

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9. Who has prescribed minimum requirements for registration of a Not for Profit Organization on a Social Stock Exchange?

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10. The offer documents of the social enterprises for various modes of fund raising shall require disclosure of aspects called_______.

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11. Which of the following is not a feature of social audit?

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12. _______ is the rational method for reaching reliable and reproducible audit conclusions in a systematic audit process.

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13. The _______should present findings objectively and fairly.

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14. Three Party Relationship involving a social auditor, a responsible party, and intended users are elements of________.

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15. The __________plans and performs a social audit with an attitude of professional scepticism to obtain sufficient appropriate evidence of the implementation of the social program in the field.

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16. Which of the following approaches of Social Impact Assessment requires knowledge of statistical and mathematical techniques?

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17. _______is an impact accounting system which can be used by impact investors to measure, manage and optimize their impact.

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18. Which of the following are the challenges of Social Impact Assessment?
I. Interdependencies
II. Assumptions
III. Timeframes
IV. Standardization of Reporting Framework

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19. Which of the following should be at least covered under Annual Impact Report?
I. Strategic Intent and Planning
II. Impact Score Card
III. Approach indicating areas like baseline status, past performance trend etc.

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20. What is the maximum penalty imposed when any intermediary files false or incorrect or incomplete information, return, report, books or other documents?

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21. Who pays the STT in an intra day trade of equity shares?

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22. The maximum limit of donation paid in cash to qualify for deduction under Section 80G of Income Tax Act is ________.

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23. _______stipulates that every reporting entity has to maintain a record of all transactions, in such a manner as to enable it to reconstruct individual transactions.

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24. The ________provided code of conduct for stock brokers.

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25. _______provides for direct and indirect control of virtually all aspects of securities trading and the running of stock exchanges.