Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility for the Program

1. When am I eligible for NISM Series XVII: Retirement Adviser CPE Program?

If you hold any of the following certificates:

(a) NISM Series XVII: Retirement Adviser Certification Examination

And the validity of which has not expired, you are eligible to attend NISM Series XVII: Retirement Adviser CPE Program. However, you cannot attend a CPE Program twelve months prior to the date of expiry of such Certificate i.e. you can attend the CPE Program only in the final year of your Certificate validity period. On successful completion of the CPE Program, the Certificate shall be re-validated for a period of three years from its date of expiry.

Registration for the Program

1. When should I register for a CPE Program?

Since there are limited seats for every CPE Program, you are advised to register early so as to secure a seat. We suggest that you register at least six months prior to the expiry of your Certificate in order to ensure that you get a seat at your preferred location. Requests for registration received closer to the expiry of the Certificate may not be successful. Also, please note that it takes 30 working days for NISM to issue a CPE Certificate. So you may register accordingly.

2. How can I register for a CPE Program?

You may refer to the Forthcoming Retirement Adviser CPE Programs and choose a convenient CPE Program. The Contact Details are provided against every CPE Program. If there are no CPE Programs scheduled at your preferred location, you may contact any of the NISM Accredited CPE Providers and request for the same.

Please keep the following information handy while making calls for registration to any of the CPE Providers:

  1. Name and address
  2. Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  3. Expiry Date of the Valid Certificate
  4. Preferred CPE Location
  5. Phone number
  6. Email id

3. What is to be done after I register via email or call?

NISM and its Accredited CPE Providers receive registration requests from across the country. When a minimum number of requests are received from a particular region, a CPE Program is arranged by the respective CPE Provider at a suitable location. Based on your collective requests and preferences, the CPE venue and dates are finalized.

4. What if there are very few persons interested in NISM Series XVII: Retirement Adviser CPE Program from my preferred location?

In such cases, you may choose the nearest CPE Location, suiting your convenience. If you are based in non-metro cities, while putting in your request, you may mention the cities that are close by, in the order of your preference.

5. What if the CPE Program date and/or venue do/does not suit me?

As there is a window of twelve months available, you may wish to wait for another CPE Program to be announced within such time and at a location of your choice(s). However, since it is a regulatory requirement, it will be in your interest to comply with it as early as possible. While NISM makes best endeavors to offer the convenient locations and preferred dates, it may not always be feasible to conduct frequent CPE Programs at a particular location unless there is significant demand for the same.

CPE Certificate

1. My Name on the Certificate does not match with the Name on my PAN Card. How do I get it corrected?

NISM issues Certificates based on the name registered as per NSDL’s repository of PAN Card Holders. Any change in Name on the Certificate shall be made only after such change has been reflected in NSDL’s repository. If an error/mismatch still persists, you may mail your Certificate along with the correct name to

2. I have lost my Certificate. How can I appear for NISM CPE Program?

If you produce a clear photocopy where the photo on the Certificate can be verified properly, you may be allowed to appear for the CPE Program. Please note that NISM can issue Duplicate Certificates only if the Certificate was issued by NISM. You may attend the CPE Program only after producing such Certificate.

3. When do I get my CPE Certificate?

After NISM verifies the authenticity of the Documents produced, your Certificate will be sent in electronic format only, to the email id provided in the Registration form. You are expected to receive the Certificate in about 15 working days from the date of the CPE Program.

4. How can I track the status of my CPE Certificate?

The status of your Certificate can be tracked by calling NISM Helpdesk at 8080806476 or mailing to

5. I have misplaced my Certificate. How do I apply for a Duplicate Certificate?

NISM emailed certificate to candidate’s registered email ID. Candidate is also provided an option to download certificate by login to NISM portal. The download option is made available under ‘My Examination’ menu. Issuance of physical certificate is discontinued.