Candidate Instructions for NISM Remote Proctored Examinations

NISM remote proctored examination can be attempted by candidates from their own location such as home or office (instead of visiting a physical test center). To undertake Remote proctored examinations candidates need to have a Windows OS based laptop/ / Desktop with inbuilt Webcam, Microphone and stable internet connectivity. For more details visit the system requirement section. It may be noted that the facility of remote proctored examinations is being offered in response to Covid-19 Pandemic and safety of candidate. NISM may stop offering this facility when deemed fit without any prior notice.

Since these examinations are remotely proctored certificates will be issued to candidates based on marks scored in the examination and observations through remote proctoring.

Enrolment for remote proctored:

1. Candidates can register and enroll for NISM remote proctored examinations by visiting NISM certification portal at
2. The enrollment process for remote proctored examination is similar to test center based examinations. Candidates need to log in to NISM certification portal and visit “Enrollment”-> “Enroll for Examination”. Thereafter, candidates need to follow the following steps.
a. Step 1: Selection of Examination: Please note that presently following examinations are available through remote proctored mode.

1. NISM Series II A: Registrars and Transfer Agents (Corporate) Certification Examination

2. NISM Series II-B: RTA-Mutual Fund Certification Examination

3. NISM Series III-A: Securities Intermediaries Compliance-Non Fund Certification Examination

4. NISM Series III-B: Issuers Compliance Certification Examination

5. NISM Series VA: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination

6. NISM Series V-B: Mutual Fund Foundation Certification Examination

7. NISM Series VI: Depository Operations Certification Examination

8. NISM Series VII: Securities Operations and Risk Management Certification Examination

9. NISM Series IX: Merchant Banking Certification Examination

10. NISM Series XII: Securities Market Foundation Certification Examination

11. NISM-Series-XIV: Internal Auditors for Stock Brokers Certification Examination

12. NISM Series XV: Research Analyst Certification Examination

13. NISM Series XVIII: Financial Education Certification Examination

14. NISM-Series-XX-Taxation in Securities Markets

15. NISM Series XXII: Fixed Income Securities

b. Step 2: Check seat availability: For remote proctored examinations select city as “Online” and Examination Center as “Exam from Anywhere”

c. Step 3: Check the time slot.

d. Step 4: Make payment.

3. Thereafter, an admit card will be generated with all the examination related details. Candidates may download the admit card for future reference.

4. Important: Candidates will receive an email 24 hours before his/her selected date and time slot. The email will carry instructions and examination link.

Test Instructions for NISM Remote proctored examinations [Windows OS + Webcam + Microphone User]:

1. NISM Remote proctored examinations are conducted in online mode where candidates will be monitored virtually online by a live proctor. Kindly ensure to have a working webcam and microphone on your computer system. Each participant should abide by rules and regulations shared.

2. All candidates will receive a test invitation with the link to START TEST and check SYSTEM COMPATIBILITY in a separate email from NISM. The email would carry a subject line “NISM has invited you to take the <Examination Name>”. In case email is not received Candidates must check spam or junk folder.

3. Once you start the examination, the designated proctor will monitor your progress of the test and the activities on your laptop/desktop screen in real-time. In the event that the proctor believes that you have done some suspicious activity, the proctor may issue a warning and pause your examination and ask you to provide additional information such as asking you to provide a 360-degree view of the examination surroundings.

4. The proctor can also terminate your examination if the instructions are not adhered to, you may or may not be provided with warning/s before your examination is terminated.

5. In case of any technical query, please reach out to Mercer-Mettl Participant HelpDesk @+91 82878 03040 and drop an email at with a copy to, before commencement of the examination or after the examination is submitted. For any query during the examination you may communicate with the proctor through chat box.

Mandatory System Requirement for NISM Remote Proctored Exam

1. Internet Speed:
For webcam proctored test – Minimum download Speed => 512 kbps
Minimum upload Speed =>512 kbps
2. Operating System:
Secure Exam Browser (MSB) is compatible only with Windows OS (Version 7 and above) is required to be downloaded and installed on your Desktop / Laptop.
It will not be compatible with other OS like Mac etc.
Will support a minimum 4.5.1. – .Net framework
3. Memory:
65 MB permanent free space on the default hard drive
File Size: Medium (~65 MB).
4. System: To undertake Remote proctored exams candidates need to have a Windows OS based laptop/ Desktop with inbuilt Webcam, Microphone and stable internet connectivity.Use of external webcam is prohibited

Do’s and Don’ts –

1.Test all your gadgets and network connection as suggested in the guidelines before the exam starts. Ensure that your Laptop is charged.
2.Run the ‘compatibility check’ before taking the test.
3.Kindly ensure your antivirus/firewall (If any) is not blocking MSB Mettl Secure Browser
4.You must ensure to sit in a quiet place in a well‐lit room, with a plain background and proper lighting on your face. Ensure that the web camera is enabled and switched on with enough light for visibility. The light source should be preferably above you. Under no circumstances light source be behind you.
5.Uninstall any third party software installed on the system for webcam before starting the test.
6.Keep your Government ID proof (either of PAN card, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Passport) ready to show when prompted for.
7.Please only TYPE your details in the registration form and do not copy-paste. Please use only your registered email ID for logging into the exam.
8.Ensure that there is no one around you or talking to you while you are giving the exam.
9.Keep a check on your proctor chat window. Proctors may try to reach you for important messages.

1. Do not refer to any material and do not browse the internet. Your screen details are being monitored and reviewed from the backend.
2. During the exam do not access your mobile phones, earphone, calculator or any other device during the exam.
3. During the exam monitoring will be real-time, and hence your exam may get terminated if you indulge in any unfair practice.
4. Please note that the system will detect suspicious activities (any additional person in the room, use of mobile phones/calculators/books, your absence and / or any suspicious movement etc.) and report such activities.
5. Please ensure that there are no loud noises or disturbance of any kind. Do not read the questions aloud.
6. No breaks are allowed during the exam.

Important Note:

During the examination, any case of malpractice such as copying and impersonation etc. are duly recorded and reported for appropriate action including termination of the exam. Furthermore, you may be liable for any disciplinary action as may be decided by NISM from time to time.